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5 High-Protein Casseroles to Lose Weight

    5 High-Protein Casseroles to Lose Weight

    Either you’re looking for an easy family meal, a dinner with lots of leftovers, or a delicious dish that will keep you satisfied for the rest of the night, these delightful casserole recipes are here to help. These casseroles have at least 15 grams of protein and 6 grams of fiber per serving, making them packed with healthy components like lean meats, lentils, and whole grains. Furthermore, every meal has a maximum of than 575 calories to help you achieve your objectives for eating well and keep you feeling energised. You’ll want to prepare our Cheesy Black Bean & Quinoa Skillet Casserole or Lasagna with Slow-Roasted Tomato Sauce again and again if you want a great, comforting supper.

    Nacho Casserole with Beef and Black Beans

    In this nutritious dish with nachos-inspired flavors, hominy lends a texture that is chewy. To finish the dish, add crushed corn tortilla chips for a crispy coating. According to your tolerance for heat, mild, medium, or hot green chilies will all work. Pick what you enjoy best.

    Chicken Tamale Casserole

    In this Mexican cuisine meal, which takes its cue from chicken tacos, a saucy chicken filling is cooked in a casserole pan with a fluffy cornmeal or grits covering. True tamales can’t be replaced, but this dish makes a delicious and convenient weeknight meal.

    Skillet Casserole of Cheesy Black Beans & Quinoa

    Quinoa and lots of fresh veggies are used to fill this one-skillet casserole with a Mexican flavor. Sharp cheddar mozzarella gives the filling its sharp taste and tops it with an additional layer of melted mozzarella that is sticky and gooey.

    Enchilada casserole made with chicken and pinto beans in a slow cooker

    The numerous layers of tortillas, cheese, and sauce combine to form a warm casserole that is reminiscent of tortillas. This slow-cooker dinner is the epitome of cozy meals. The upper tortillas layer in the gradual cooker becomes exquisitely crunchy. Black beans could simply be substituted for the pinto beans that we use.

    Casserole with Cheesy Meatballs

    Basil gives the meatballs in this creamy meatball casserole flavor, and chopped onion gives it wetness. Although the broken chili pepper is softened by the melted cheddar cheese, you are welcome to reduce or even omit it if you want a dish that is less spicy.