How to Make your Shih Tzu Smarter, 5 Ways

Do you want to know how to educate your Shih Tzu? Consider using these straightforward advice to educate your Shih Tzu.

1. Show your Shih Tzu plenty of praise and perhaps even goodies whenever they behave well. 

2. Regularly taking your Shih Tzu for walks and exposing them to various situations and environments can greatly aid in developing their intelligence.

3. Start training your Shih Tzu as a puppy. As soon as you get your new puppy dog home, start training him. This will increase your Shih Tzu's intelligence and trainability.

4. Constantly impart fresh instructions and techniques. Make sure you constantly looking for new skills to teach your Shih Tzu because all dogs may learn new tricks.

5. Constantly expose dog to challenges and issues. You may buy food dishes that force animals to eat with intelligence.

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