Is drinking 8 glasses of water a day healthy?

The origin of the 8-glass recommendation for daily water consumption is unknown. According to one idea, it is calculated as 1 milliliter of fluid for

every calorie of food ingested. Therefore, for a person following a typical 2,000 calorie diet, it would be 2,000 milliliters of liquid, or around eight 8-

ounce glasses. This general recommendation may be too much water for some people and not enough for others, similar to how everyone's

calorie goals vary. Depending on your degree of exercise, age, surroundings, and medications, your requirements may be higher or

lower. Additionally, your body receives hydration from more than just ordinary water. various foods and drinks, such as fruits and vegetables,

various beverages, and even soup, can provide you with fluids. Because being hydrated is crucial, it's vital to pay attention to your thirst and determine your specific fluid requirements.

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