The 5 best sources of vitamin A

The majority of bright yellow-orange and dark green, leafy vegetables and fruits, as well as oil, seeds, and nuts,

Fruits and vegetables 

are rich sources of vitamin A. There are around 1,400 mcg of vitamin A in one entire sweet potato including its skin.

Fruits and vegetables 

Among the finest sources of vitamin A are fish that are oily. Try Bluefin tuna, salmon, or mackerel.


75 micrograms (mcg), or 8% of the daily recommended value for vitamin A, may be found in one hard-boiled egg. 


Milk, yogurt, cheese, and butter are all good sources of vitamin A in dairy foods. 

Dairy products 

You might need to limit your intake of foods like liver sausage to just one meal per week in order to prevent consuming too much of this vital vitamin.

Liver and liver products 

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