The Best Wine Cork Reuse Techniques Instead of Disposing of Them

The cylindrical wine bottle stoppers generally come to mind first when we think about cork. However, there are alternative ways to incorporate the eco-friendly material into a house.

Yes, you can purchase or construct your own little, circular guards to place on the legs of your furniture to stop them from scratching your wood floors. Slice the cork into small circles using a sharp knife, and then use strong glue to connect the circles to the legs of chairs and tables.

Protect wood floors

You might want to start by using a measuring tape to mark the cork every 1/8" (or your preferred width), so you don't have to worry about cutting the cork circles unevenly.

Protect wood floors

In a similar vein, you can cut a cork to the required width and connect it to the short leg of a table or chair if it has relatively thin but uneven legs to prevent the piece of furniture from wobbling.

Fix shaky tables or chairs with thin legs

Not only is it loud when someone slams a cabinet door shut, but it can also hasten the door's deterioration. Slice little rings of cork to serve as a cushion inside the cabinet doors to prevent this.

Silence cabinet doors

A sauce pan or stock pot lid can be picked up safely by inserting a wine cork—preferably, to her preference, a sparkling wine cork—under the metal handle.

Grab a hot lid

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